Friday, 14 March 2014

Celeb Fit Talk-With The Maestro SANDIP SOPARRKAR

I intended to write a brief article for this amazing celeb and then I realized that few lines won’t do justice to him and his achievements 
He is one of the best and most unique choreographers and mind you, he is not your typical Bollywood
choreographers.He is unique because He as a trained and qualified ballroom dance teacher is the first from India to be Certified by the Ballroom Dance Teachers Training School In BONN Germany.He has professionally trained Several international celebrities that include the royal Family of kuwait Madonna,Shakira,Beyonce and choreographed Britney spears for her chart buster"Womaniser"from her chart busting album Circus .In 2004,Queen Elizabeth of England &The Prince Of Wales,have written personal letters of Appreciation to him for promoting Ballroom &Latin American Culture In India.He began his career in Bollywood in 2001.His
first film was Zubeidaa, with award winning director Shyam Benegal.He
went on to choreograph numerous numbers in many films including Tum,
Kyun Ho Gaya Na, Holiday, and Mangal Pandey. More recently, you have
seen his work in Kites with Hrithik Roshan and in the tango with Neil
Nitin Mukesh and Priyanka Chopra in Saat Khoon Maaf. He has also
worked in Hollywood, most notably for the film Nine directed by Rob
He is the brand ambassador of PETA (2008), the Miracle Foundation
(2009) and attended the 66th Cannes film festival in 2013.
This would be the first time an Indian dancer-choreographer
represented India on the Cannes red carpet. His ballroom dance studio
is the first to have sent its couple for the various International
Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) championships held in Singapore, Macau,
Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.
I could go on and on about his achievements but here I catch my breath
and introduce to you the very handsome, charming and down to earth and VERT FIT person I have met – the very talented - SANDIP SOPARRKAR as he Fit Talks Exclusively for

1)Tell us the secret to your amazing body..any workout regime you follow
I go to the gym every day.. n do weight training and cardio... for an hour a day.I also do 
yoga 3 times a week and of course dance 2 -3 hours every day all this together gives me 
more than enough exercise

2) Tell us how Dancing keeps you fit
Dancing a a superb form of cardio activity but i believe it not only keeps ones body fit but 
ones mind it lifts up the spirits  it is also like 
meditation it helps to understand ones inner being giving ones self all into the music n 
dance transcends you to another world a world that can make you attain nirvana soon

3) Is there any thing different you in terms of diet or workout regime before a show/SHOOT
A warm is very important before a dance performance a warmed up body is more flexible n 
alert for the different moves i prefer to eat and hour or two before the show so that 
energy levels are high n maintained during the show

4)What do you love to indulge in?
I love chocolates... n only chocolates...

5) What motivates you
The creative aspects of dance motivates me i love to tell stories through my dance,
the entire panning n creating the piece is what motivates me i find it a big challenge
it keeps my mind thinking.

6) Whats Your all time favorite song s You love to Dance
There are many song i love to dance to.... love is in the air quondo,libarian girl
the list is endless. I am a die hard romantic person so love all love 
based songs

7) Your favorite dancing style
This is the toughest question of my life ha ha i do ballroom dancing... which has mainly 
10 dances i love them all but i don't have a favorite dance  i do have a soft corner for a 
few Rumba Samba and Paso doble are my special dances.

8) You Travel around the world any fitness tip or trend you would like to give our readers
Drink loads of water and juices and eat salads and fruits best way to stay fit and 

9) Who is your fav personality in terms of fitness
My wife jesse randhawa she is a fitness freek.She does ashtanga yoga kick boxing
phillipino martial arnis and also taekwondo she is a sikh so even eats like a complete 
sardarni ghee paratha and all that stuff. Yes she has the best body in her modelling 
business...she is from another world when it comes to fitness...
Sandip Soparrkar With Wife Jesse At Cannes
10) What is your Fashion style?
Fashion to me is being myself  i am formal in my nature so even like to dress the same 
way.I love formal clothes.The only informal thing about me are my thumb rings and my 

11) How do you DE stress after a hectic tour
Honestly i don't feel that my dance tours are hectic. I love what i do i love to dance i 
love to travel... i love to see new places all this de stresses me .... staying home and not
doing anything makes me stressful... ha ha ha

12) Would you like to say a word or two about me
I have been reading your blog... and various things and topics you write on.You have the 
talent to spot details and special things about people  and at the same time you have the 
writing quality of making the most ordinary thing and person look extra ordinary.This gods 
gift is with very few people in the world and u are one of them indeed